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A graduate student requesting a contract project will need to have the approval of his or her advisor.
The Statistical Agency provide a variety of statistical services, a selection of which are given below.
The type of contract services we offer include: Help with course work; Interviewer; Online Data Collection; Bank of Data; Statistical Sampling; Consultancy Services; Data entry; Data Encoding and Processing; Data collection & Survey design; Data cleaning; Data manipulation; Study Design and Planning; Statistical Analysis & Reporting; Data Analytics; Basic statistical analysis; Analysis of survey data; Creating graphs and data visualization; Complex statistical analysis and modeling; Producing reports with detailed interpretation; Writing reproducible syntax/command files; Providing comprehensive, long-term follow-up; Dissertation and Thesis Consulting; Dissertation Coaching Services; Academic Research Support; Expert Consultants; Banner Tables; Data Collection; Defense Preparation; Grant Proposals; Program Evaluation; Research Design; Resume Services; Statistical Analysis; Survey Design; Table Creation; Technical Reports; Workshops and Training
All teaching and training is specifically tailored towards the need of the client. 

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