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A few key questions:
Do you need statistical guidance during your PhD?
Have you submitted a paper and the statistical analysis was criticized?
Have you sampled data and would like to know how to analyze the data?
Do you need a statistician on board to win a project proposal?
Do you want to carry out an experiment but have no idea how many samples to take? 
Statistical techniques are required in nearly every stage of scientific research; from project proposal writing, experimental design and data analysis, right up to report writing. One option is to do all the statistical work yourself. If you have the time and knowledge, we advise you to do so. However, your statistical skills may be rusty, or you may need statistical expertise for a particular problem. The learning curve to access the required statistical knowledge may be steep, time-consuming and costly.
An alternative is to outsource the statistical work. At The Statistical Consulting & Collaboration Services we specialize in a wide range of statistical methods and applications (from bees to birds, copepods to whales, from plants on mountains to salt marsh plants, fish farming, public health data, medical data, social-economical data, stomach content data of dolphins, sea surface temperature time series, tagged seal data, etc.).

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