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Do you require training to understand the concepts behind Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) in greater detail, with some hands-on computer training? Are you looking for expert statistical consultants who can help you in defining, designing, estimating and testing Structural Equation Models for your project, thesis or dissertation? 
Regardless of the issue you have related to Structural Equation Modelling, our Statistical Consultants can help!!
The Statistical Agency (The Statistical Consulting & Collaboration Services) has extensive experience in the area of SEM Analysis. In the past, we had the opportunity to build Structural Equation Models for a variety of applications, including loyalty tracking studies, market structure models, customer satisfaction, and many more.
Structural Equation Modelling is a powerful multivariate analysis technique that includes specialized version of a number of other analysis methods as special cases. Being a sophisticated theoretical tool, Structural Equation Modelling is definitely not easy to implement. But now you can hire expert Statistical Consultants at The Statistical Agency  to assist you during all stages of your Structural Equation Modelling project requirements.
The Statistical Consultants at The Statistical Agency  have expertise with virtually every statistical software package for Structural Equation Modelling. Our statistical consultants can help you in validating the validity of your construct or measurement instrument. Further, we can help you in running confirmatory factor analysis, exploratory factor analysis, group comparison, mediation analysis, moderation analysis, and moderated-mediation analysis.

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